Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Still disappointed

It's been a few months since I placed my disastrous order with Yves Rocher.  I was so disappointed with my order that I hadn't tried out any of the polishes until now.  I finally decided to give Mauve Captivant a try.  Here's what it looked like on the website when I ordered it:

It was listed as a 'sparkling' polish and it looks like a duochrome in that photo, or at the very least packed with sparkly glitter right?  And here's what it actually looks like:

This was 4 coats!  Oh and the 3ml bottle is now half empty after one manicure.  But I'm fine with that anyways because I'm not all that impressed with the colour and I despise 4 coaters.  It was pretty much a given that I wasn't going to order from Yves Rocher again anyways so I'm not sure if an amazing polish would have been enough to change my mind.

And just like I do with all the colours I'm not very impressed with, I stamp them with a full nail image.  This is BM19 in Sally Hansen Chrome Moonstone.  The stamping is looking a little green in this photo but it's not at all.  This one came off right away.

Oh and something I thought was absolutely hilarious - I checked out my blog search keywords the other day and one of the them was horny unicorn.  WTF?!  How the heck did my blog come up under that?  I really don't think I want to know why someone was searching for a horny unicorn anyways.  Anyone else have strange or funny search words come up for them?


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