Monday, August 22, 2011

Who'da thunk?

Can I just say I love my nails right now?  I've been able to keep them healthy for a good month now with no chips or peels at all.  This length really works well for me.

This is 2 coats of Gosh in Wild Lilac.  I picked this up in the clearance section at Shoppers for $3.  I also picked up Gasoline along with it and when I got to the cash register I noticed some dried polish around the cap so I twisted the lid off to see if it was ok and it literally shattered in my hands....wahhhhhh!  Here I thought I'd scored Gasoline for cheap!  I'm glad it happened in the store though and not at home but man, that poor cashier...

I was surprised how much I love this colour and the formula was not as bad and as streaky as my previous experiences with Gosh.  So I stamped it with the old standard Wet and Wild Black Creme and plate BM223.

And damn, post #99?  Who would of thought this blog would actually hold my interest for that long?  I suppose it's thanks to all you ladies out there who give me the inspiration.  Thanks!


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  1. this is really nice i love the colour and the stamp!

    shel xx