Tuesday, January 25, 2011

That'll learn me...

I am not a happy camper.  Last week I placed an order from Yves Rocher for some nail polish and some night repair cream.  They had this awesome sale on and I snagged 6 polishes and a tube of cream for about $30.  I spent a good amount of time picking out my colours and the shipping was relatively fast - about a week.  I got my order yesterday and here it is:

So the chapstick I threw in there for size comparison.  Yeah, those polishes are fuckin tiny!  3ml as a matter of fact.  So I looked on my order receipt to see if it said 'mini polishes' - uh nope.  So I looked on their website to see if I somehow missed the 'mini' in the polish name - uh nope.  But oh wait, if you click on the 'details' for the product, there in the bottom left corner in small letters - 3ml.  Wow guess I should have read all the small print!  But come on, who the hell charges $3 for a 'mini' polish and doesn't even label it as a mini?  Even the little Sally Girl polishes are 5.3ml and they are only $.99!  Oh and it gets better - they couldn't even be bothered to fill the fucking bottles!

Not to mention that the pics on the website look like duochromes which these are most certainly not!  Boo to Yves Rocher!  I will never order from them again and I don't even feel like cracking these open because I am completely disappointed!

Anyways, on another note...  I'm really not liking any of the recently released collections.  The China Glaze Anchors Away is boring for the most part.  The Justin Beiber Collection is pricy AND too girly.  The Katy Perry Collection is too girly and weird.  This crackle polish craze is just plain fugly and so is this multi-coloured glitter thing.  Or maybe I'm just in a real pissy mood in general :p


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  1. That totally sucks! Like what, one mani and the bottle's empty? I never thought bottles gould get any smaller than the Sally Girl ones. Yikes!