Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My downfall is the bargain basket

Ugh.  I keep bitching about curbing my polish spending and then I pass another 50% off OPI basket.  I just can't stop myself!

I picked up 3 last weekend and here's the first - William Tell Me About It in 2 coats.  I love it!

No nail art today but I did top it with a coat of Nfu Oh #40 which looks green/teal in most lights but turns an amazing blue/indigo which you can slightly see in the photo.  I tried really hard to capture it.

Then I painted the Princess of Poo with 2 coats of my other bargain basket find: Ski Teal We Drop and added a layer of Kleancolor Chunky Copper to it.  I wish I'd taken a better photo because this looked amazing!

The last OPI I found in the basket was Jade Is The New Black which I later regretted because it's too similar to Don't Mess With OPI which is the only one I bought from the Texas collection.  I do love the colour, I just don't need 2.

Now that I've got all these great layering flakies and glitters I feel like I don't want to do nail art or konad.  I need to get back into doing more stamping again.


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