Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Amazing green

This is Sinful Colors San Francisco in 3 coats.  This was the one polish I wanted so badly when I first discovered Sinful Colors and I couldn't find it until recently.  And when I did finally find it, it was a lonely bottle with spillage but I bought it anyways.  The colour is awesome, the sheerness is not.  I hate doing more than 2 coats of polish.

So I stamped it with Pure Ice Silver Mercedes and plate BM03 and oddly enough the stamping came out slightly golden.  So I added a gold gem to each.  I think it's a little bit too much but I did get a lot of compliments on this.

And a bonus shot of my Zoya Ivanka ring I wore with it.  Which also shows how bad my stamping alignment is...oh well.  I haven't made any new rings in awhile but I did pick up a new box of casting resin and I've got a ton of new polishes which will make fabulous rings so you may see some new ones here shortly.


1 comment:

  1. it looks good, i almost bought this the other day, truly it's a good color. the ring rocks.