Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Another franken and yet another haul

I was going for a navy blue holo here which looked perfect in the bottle but when I put it on my nails it was more like a medium blue-grey.  I'm afraid if I add any more polish to darken it then the holo effect will disappear completely.  Anyways this is 3 coats of my franken.

Then I stamped it with Pure Ice Silver Mercedes and BM20.

Now for an awesome glittery haul:

Kleancolors from L-R:
Starry Blue
Black Out
Blue-eyed Girl
Chunky Copper
Born to the Purple
Green With Envy - seriously sick and tired of this polish name!

Chunky Holo Purple
Metallic Green
Midnight Queen - looks promising for layering
Metallic Aqua
Metallic Red

The chunky holos don't quite thrill me but I bought one since everyone seems to be going gaga over them.  The metallics I bought for stamping.  These were about $29 shipped to Canada in total, so a little more than $2.50/bottle and no tax.  Pretty decent.  I don't want to post where I ordered them from because I'm having a minor customer service issue that hasn't been resolved yet but I'm sure most of you can take an educated guess ;)

Ahhh and now my polish count is well over 400!  Think it's time to slow down.


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  1. Sorry the franken wasn't what you were hoping for, but I like it very much!