Thursday, September 1, 2011

A fail and a win

I really like looking at all the photos of Glitter in the Air and all it's dupes and frankens.  I have no idea why I like them so much because I hate multi-coloured glitter and vnl.  So I decided to try and franken my own.  Of course I had to do it my own way - in green and without 5 different coloured glitters.  And well it was quite the fail:

I used silver hex glitter, dark blue glitter and light purple glitter.  I know I didn't use enough hex glitter and I should have added another colour but I still don't think it would have made much of a difference.  I also added way too much of the fine glitter.  Ugh I can't stand looking at it.

But this made me feel better after I took it off:

This is 2 coats of Joe in Orchid.  Perfect plum creme.  I looked through my stash for something similar since my photos are always off and I found one that's pretty close.

On the left is Orchid and on the right is Color Club's Ms. Socialite.  Funny thing, as I'm looking at my nails while typing this, the one on the right actually looks more colour accurate.  Yes I loved this so much I'm still wearing it (until tonight anyways).

I added a coat of Sinful Colors in Pearl Harbor.  This is seriously my new favorite layering polish.  It reminds me of a flakie but more subtle.

Finally I added a coat of Kleancolor in Starry Blue.  Funny that none of the silver holo glitter made it onto my nails.  I love this combo so much!  And I am currently obsessed with these Kleancolor hex glitters...I need more!



  1. Eh, you gotta have a franken fail every now and then--and you can always try tweaking this one to make it more like what you envisioned.

    Love the layering with Orchid & Pearl Harbor!

  2. Obsessed with the Kleancolor glitters too! So pretty ^^ And I actually like your franken haha :P