Thursday, March 3, 2011

Polish overload...starting with Tronica :)

So I'm back finally and have tons of crap to do but I just had to post these.

From my super ginormous Florida haul I picked up 7 China Glazes.  From L-R: Bogie, Hey Doll, High Def, Below Deck, Hologram, Gamer Glam and Laser Lime.  I found the Tronica collection at Sally's for 2/$10 and had to stop myself from grabbing them all.  The other 3 I found at Ulta and I'm not telling how much I paid for them ;p

So don't let the Tronica bottles fool you...they don't look like anything special in the bottles.  But when you slap them on...holy freakin shit!

I was so excited I slapped them over my existing mani.  From L-R: High Def, Laser Lime and Gamer Glam.  I am loving Laser Lime.  I may grab more of these when they show up here in Canada.

And now the sad news, I broke my ring finger nail as you can see in the 2nd pic so they are all coming off tonight :(

I have some huge haul posts coming up but they will have to be split because I went way overboard.  I was afraid my baggage would be over the weight limit from all the polish LOL.

Nice to be home but snow friggen sucks!


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