Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Buh-bye m64

Okay so here's 2 coats of the awesome Hard Candy Beetle of course.  And another shot because the Princess of Poo thought this polish was so cool...even though you guys have seen it a million times I'm sure.

Then I used the final image from konad plate m64 and once again, Wet and Wild in Black Creme.

You know what really kicked ass about this image?  I didn't have to get it straight to look good!  Anyways, one last shot with topcoat...

I thought removal would be a pain in the ass but it really wasn't.  So now we've got 2 plates down and about 30 more to go LOL.

On another quick note, I noticed the other day at Walmart that the Sally Hansen Salon Manicure polishes were $4.97 here in Canada!  Since Walmart doesn't typically have sales I'm wondering if this is a permanent price drop...probably not, but it wouldn't hurt to check out your Walmart if you're looking for them.


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