Friday, March 4, 2011


So I spent 10 days on vacation in Florida and had a blast.  Found tons of awesome polishes and spent way too much money.  In fact I bought several before I even got on the plane.  We flew out of Flint so I made a pit stop at Meijer's to pick up some Studio M polishes:

L-R: Gel-ous, Sexy Siren, Tru Passion and Ego Trip.  Pics are too dark for some reason.  The first 3 are glitters...Tru Passion looks like a dupe for One Less Lonely Glitter, which is why I grabbed that one first.  Ego Trip was on clearance and it's a dark kinda frosty teal I guess.

These are the randoms I bought. 
Confetti Happy Birthday - dark purple glass flecked (just wanted to try out this brand and nothing else appealed to me) $2 or 3 can't remember
NYC Starry Silver Glitter - silver glitter with larger blue and pink glitter $2 at Target
Nicole by OPI Grant My Wish - kind of coral leaning pink $1.75(!!!) at Target
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Uptempo Plum - black based purple glitter $1.13 at Target
Paint and Peel Crush - Purple creme $2 at Big Lots (just wanted to try this brand as well)

I gotta say I absolutely love Ross!  Not only did I buy a shitload of awesome cheap clothes but they had tons of Color Club sets.  I had 5 in my hand but put 2 of them back LOL.  I picked up the whole Alter Ego collection and one set of Rebel Debutante.  Best part...the price was $7.99 each!  Holy crap!  The CDN dollar is roughly at par right now so these were a freakin steal.  We pay $12.99 at Winners here and I think even that's a bargain.  One of the polishes in the Alter Ego collection looks like a dupe for China Glaze Below Deck so I will have to swatch a comparison on that one.

Much more to come.  If anyone is interested in a specific swatch let me know.