Monday, March 14, 2011

At what point...

does your polish addiction become unhealthy?  I mean I just spent probably $200 on nail polish on my vacation and I continue to drop cash on more when I get home.  It's not like I'm spending my baby's diaper money on polish (no, I don't have kids anyways) but I'm starting to have 'polish remorse' after I buy them.  Anyways, here's what I bought this past week:

After seeing a post on Sparkled Beauty about the new line of Joe Fresh polishes I had to run out and buy Twilight (center) because I don't have a flakie in my collection yet.  And of course you HAVE to buy 3/$10 when you buy Joe polish lol.  On the left is Ink and on the right is Peacock, which I'd been wanting for awhile as well.  And here they are swatched in reverse order:

As thrilled as I am to finally have a flakie, I'm pretty disappointed that it's in a black base.  I'm also not really a fan of the orange in it either.

So then I also went to Winners and picked up 2 Color Club Collections: Catwalk Queen and Dark Romance.

Again it seems that my box has been mislabeled because the holo - Fashion Addict is definitely not in there!  Argh!  Anyways, the two duochromes were the reason I bought it and they are fantastic!  Here they are layered over black:

All 3 are 2 coats of Dark Romance (matte black).  The middle is with a layer of Ready To Wear and the right is a layer of Runway Muse which couldn't catch the light properly - it's very purple.  I love these.

So no nail art today, but I'm a happy camper because I've got Revlon Perplex on right now.

I tried to stamp it and failed miserably.  I ruined my mani but then saved it with a coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust.

Seriously if you don't own Fairy Dust you need to run out and get it!  Ruin your mani?  Don't remove it, coat it in Fairy Dust and all the imperfections are gone plus you get to stare at this amazing micro-holo glitter.  It's great for giving your plain jane mani a little kick too.  Love it!


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  1. I am so lemming after the Joe Fresh flakie :)

    I think theres a point when Polish Hunting gets a bit crazy. I've bought things I wouldn't like just because I wanted some polish. Eventually, it calms down a bit.