Monday, March 7, 2011

Hauliday Pt.2

Ah screw it, I'm just gonna post all the rest now.  Get ready for a long post.

From my Florida haul:

Del Sol 3/$10 at CVS I think.  L-R: Superhero, Rock Star and Heartbreaker.  I haven't had a single day with enough sun to see these babies in action yet...grrr.

Pure Ice $2 at Walmart.  L-R: Calypso, Spit Fire, Silver Mercedes and Mint Dream.  I thought Calypso would be a good chrome type polish to stamp with.  I was wrong, it's sheer.  Silver Mercedes on the other hand is fan-friggen-tastic!

Essence found at Ulta, I think the larger ones were $2? and $1 for the little ones.  L-R: Fairy Berry, Humpty Dumpty, Underwater, Sundancer and Just In Case.  The first two are great for konad.  Underwater was disappointing.  It has a pretty blue shimmer in the bottle that doesn't show on the nail.

Sinful Colors $2 at Walgreens.  L-R: Mint Apple (holy awesome!), Purple Diamond and Nail Junkie.  I'm sure you guys have seen those plenty already.  The Avons were from the Avon Store for $3 on sale - Golden Wine and Deluxe Chocolate, both have an awesome gold shimmer.

Hard Candy $5 at Walmart - Date Night was in the bargain bin for $3 and the other of course is Beetle.  Beetle surprised me when I swatched it because the base is green.  The new Wet and Wilds were $1.79 at Target - Gray's Anatomy and Hannah Pinktana.  These are almost $3 at Walmart here in Canada, and man those brushes suck ass!

Kleancolors $3 at some random jewelry store. I wanted to buy a ton of the hex glitters but at day 7 and $3 a pop, I decided I'd spent too much already.  These are Red-Hot and Peaceful Heart.  Red-Hot was the first colour I slapped on when I got home.

Revlons $1 each at Big Lots.  L-R: Beach, Cotton Candy, PERPLEX (ya baby!), Chocolate Truffle, Grape Icy, Midnight Affair, Perplex again lol, Not So Blueberry and Ocean Breeze.  Most of them are scented.  Midnight Affair is a really nice dark blue but I got a mangled bottle dammit.

And finally...

Orly Matte Vinyl - I think it was $6.99 but I really wanted it and I found it on day one.
Orly Meet Me Under the Mistletoe - $4 at Sallys in the bargain bin.
Orly Galaxy Girl - $10 at Ulta (!) but I used a coupon and paid $6.50.
OPI Russian Navy Matte - $4.50 at a random salon in the bargain bin.
OPI Don't Mess With OPI - $7 at a random salon.
OPI What's With the Cattitude - $3!!! (steal of the trip) at a random salon in the bargain bin.

So there ya have it.  Yes I went crazy and honestly I could have done way more damage.  I had to stop myself several times from buying more.  My luggage ended up being 15 pounds overweight and I'm sure it was due to all the polish I bought.  And I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat! :)


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