Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Score! Part 2

When the Princess told me there was a girl on her local 'mommy swap' selling OPI's for $3 I never imagined that they were full unopened black label polishes!  Apparently this girl used to own a salon and has just now gotten around to selling off her old stock.

First up is Vanilla-zuela - 2002 South American collection.

This is 3 coats and I won't wear it like this again.  The name suits the colour very well though.  At one coat, this is the perfect french manicure base, which is what I'll be using it for.

#2 is Purple-opolis, 2004 Greek Isles collection.

This is 2 coats and the photo is completely inaccurate colour-wise.  It's definitely a pinkish purple.  I doubt I'll wear this one again but I can't complain for the price I paid.

Next up is My Throne For A Cranberry Scone, 2003 British collection.

This colour is also off a bit in the photo.  I found it very similar to L'Oreal Fanatic Fuschia   I loved that colour when it wore it but it stained horribly.  This one did not :)

The oldest polish in the bunch St. Louis Sorbet, 1997 Route 66 collection.

This is 2 coats and also a bit inaccurate.  I would call this a coral-leaning dusty pink with a gold shimmer.  It came across very coral in the photos but it's actually more dusty pink to me.  I liked this one quite a bit.

And of course I saved the best for last, Midnight Blue Glitter, 2004 Tuxedo collection.

This is 3 coats and although this photo says otherwise, the name is not really accurate.

It's actually a sheer charcoal base with silver and blue glitter.  The blue glitter is really only visible in certain lights.  It's definitely a unique polish and I love it.

Overall I'm still really happy with this haul.  You can't beat $3 for unopened old school OPI's.  The Princess did good!


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