Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Going full girly

Why stop now right?

I stamped with Konad plate m84 using Billie French White.  As a side note, this was Day12 of my manicure!  Almost zero regrowth!  For a minute I thought maybe I'd see how long I could get away with it but I really couldn't stand having it on any longer.  If it was any colour other than pink...

And here's what I slapped on in between gel manicures.  It's Nubar Avant-Garde.  It's very rusty but generally a pretty boring colour.  I would have stamped it the next day if it hadn't chipped in less than 24 hours, but that's not surprising with a matte polish.

I'm feeling pretty blah lately about nail art and nail polish in general.  The new and upcoming China Glaze collections are completely disappointing to me, the new OPI collection is nothing special either.  I'm honestly getting tired of seeing amazing promo photos only to be incredibly disappointed by swatches.  We're seeing an oversaturation of magnetics much like the crackles last year, which I absolutely hated.  I do like the magnetic polishes but we're getting the all same colours from all the different brands.  I want something different dammit!  Can't anyone help?


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