Monday, March 5, 2012

New Konad Review

Something you won't see very often here are sponsored product reviews.  A company really has to interest me in order to get a reply to their email.  Michelle from contacted me and asked me to review one of the new Konad plates.  I had actually been on their website before which I found through another blog and had planned on placing an order through them eventually because they carry Nubar and Butter London which are hard to find in Canada.

So she sent me Konad plate m84:

Not my usual style but I was more interested in the bow design since I don't have one in any of my 75+ image plates.  Having bought nothing but knock off plates lately I had forgotten about the amazing quality of the original Konad plates.  Great clean and precision-cut images.

I stamped the images using Wet and Wild Black Creme except the pinky finger.  These Konad plates typically have finer lines and so nothing beats the Konad polish for picking up all the details.  Konad Dark Purple was used on the pinky and you can really tell the difference.

Before I stamped the second hand I decided to do a quick and dirty swatch of my newest acquisition - Cosmetic Arts unnamed polish (why don't these bottles have names on them??!!).  A quick Google search tells me this is called Silver Belles.  But you can see that this bottle obviously contains Color Club's coveted Worth the Risque.  For anyone who doesn't already know - Color Club/Studio M/Cosmetic Arts = Forsythe, and they often share colours between them. In any case, a good score at Winners for $3.

And back to the Konad plate using Konad Polish in Dark Purple.  Nice crisp, clean stamping.  I think I'll get some use out of a few of the images.

As I said before, this plate was sent to me for review by Nail Polish Canada and it was shipped to me in a standard #10 envelope and took 8 days to arrive.  I have not yet placed an actual paid order with them but I hope to do so in the future.  Their Konad plates are reasonably priced and so are most of their polishes. 

If they carried soak off gels I probably would have ordered from them already. Now if I could get more of you Canadian girls into doing your own soak offs then maybe retailers would make them more available to us!


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