Thursday, March 29, 2012

Magnetic tips

From the 5-pack of Barielle polishes I found at Winners, this is 2 coats of Brown Sparkles.  Not really brown nor really sparkly.  More like champagne foil I'd say.

So I swatched a quick comparison.  From L-R:

Pinky is Barielle Brown Sparkles
Next is OPI Designer...De Better
Middle is Color Club Antiquated
Index is is Barielle Brown Sparkles

All very similar but no exact dupes.  It's definitely closest to the OPI.

So here's something I wanted to try for awhile...magnetic french.  I used LCN's Iron Magic with the diagonal stripe magnet.  It's almost like those funky konad french tips and I don't have to try and line it up straight.  I may try this again with better colours.


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