Monday, March 26, 2012

Erasable Nail Art

The best part of soak off gel manicures is that it lets me do erasable nail art!

So over top of my purple SOG franken, I taped it off and added a coat of Orly's Rococo-a-go-go.  I could have simply perfected my tape lines with a brush and some non-acetone remover but I knew it wouldn't matter when I stamped over it anyways.

To stamp I used the same polish with plate BM21.  I didn't like this at all.  It was missing something and I was too braindead at the time to think of something.  So I erased it with non-acetone remover and started over.  No more walking out of the house with nail fails for me!



  1. awe I love it !! :) wish you woulda liked it too

  2. Thanks Kelly. I think that's the point of posting the ones I don't like as well though. Somebody else will like it or be inspired by it. I honestly just think I chose the wrong colours really.