Tuesday, June 21, 2011


First thing - I just popped by Walmart on my lunch and they now have Essie's!  Small display though, maybe 30 different colours, not like the large displays in the US Walmarts, price is $8.96.  Glad to see they're not completely hosing us Canadians.

So here is one coat of Revlon Lunar.  It's not a good stamping black though, I used one thick coat.

And this is a coat of Wet and Wild Sleepwalker - Fine orange glitter in a black jelly base.  This polish is a twin of China Glaze's Lubu Heels, just slightly different coloured glitter.

I really like it but much like Lubu Heels, you don't really notice the glitter unless you look closely.  I think these 8.5ml bottles are the perfect size for nail polish.  Enough that you can get several manicures out of them but not so much that they will be sitting in your stash for years.

So I threw a matte topcoat on it and dotted with Revlon Copper Penny.  I didn't like it much but what I did like was that the dots reminded me a lot of metal studs.

I'm really having a problem trying to find time to paint my nails now that summer is here.  I have no intentions of giving up the blog.  I guess I'll just have fewer posts during the summer, sorry.


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  1. I really like the final look, and the matte makes the glitter more visible.