Thursday, June 23, 2011

Flakie love

This is 2 coats of LA Colors in Palm Tree.  It's definitely greener than the photos.  Not a bad polish for $2.  I didn't have time for nail art again this week so on the second day I cracked open one of my new Nfu Ohs...#40

Now this reminds me of a mermaid way more than Zoya Charla and all it's dupes.  If I'd had time for nail art I probably would have done some bubbles or maybe sea shells.  The effect really only shows when the light hits it though.  I'm happy to have these Nfu Ohs but man they are expensive at $12.50 US!  I ordered 5 of them with a Mastercard gift card I was given so they were free to me.  Flakie polishes are pretty much non-existent in Canada so I'm thrilled to have these.  They are friggen awesome!



  1. This is wonderful!

    And I know what you mean, with flakies being non-existent.. I've only seen one here in Denmark and that's Gosh Rainbow.. I want more flakies!! hah