Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Short week

I've only got two posts for this week unfortunately.  I lost a bunch of photos and I've been having a rough time with my nails lately.  As of right now they are super short.  I know I don't ever post just swatches, but that's all you're getting today sorry.

This is 3 coats of Zoya Apple.  Thought I would love it but something about it is a little off for me.  I'm not sure what it is.  One thing I will say about these Zoya 'sparkle' type polishes though...I absolutely love that they give you all the bling without the pain in the ass removal of a glitter!

And I know that blogs have been spammed to death with Nfu Oh 61 lately but I just had to wear it last week.  I actually bought 2 bottles of this and I'm so glad I did because it's amazing.

I only did 2 coats here but it definitely needed a third.  No base coat, but the second photo has a top coat.  It did dull the holo.  Also once I put a third coat over it, it was still dull.  No top coat and no sandwiching is the way to go with this polish.  It's a very strange formula, that's for sure.  I found that you have to be quick about it or it takes the layer underneath with it.  It dries faster than a matte polish too.  What worked best for me was a thin layer followed by two thick quick ones.  Next time I'll try it with my base coat.

Funny thing I saw the other day...I go to the grocery store by my work once a week and I always stalk the polish section for clearance.  A few months ago I'd picked up a Wet and Wild polish in a new display that apparently was already months old but I never thought much of it.  Well last week I saw they put a brand new display out - Nicole by OPI Gossip Girl collection....uh, okay.  I actually laughed my ass off when I saw it.  This isn't a discount store so I have no idea why they seem to be holding onto their polish displays until they feel like putting them out.  Weird.


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