Monday, January 17, 2011

For the Princess of Friggen Poo...

I joked about starting a blog before but I think I'm gonna give this a shot.  The last few times we've seen each other we always seem to end up doing our nails together lol.  Now I can stop texting you all my manicure photos...

When I bought my first Konad back in the fall I discovered that there were also hundreds of nail polish blogs.  I found a lot of design inspiration from them but I also became increasingly frustrated with all the awesome nail polish that I knew I would never own because it's not available here in Canada.  I'm going to make it a point to list in every post where you can purchase these products in Canada.

Now the first thing I'll admit is my photos suck.  They are totally inaccurate colour-wise, the lighting sucks and they're mostly all taken on my blackberry.  Mostly I'm just posting for design inspiration.  I'm also gonna post all the shitty manicure photos too because some ideas don't quite turn out like you think.

So the nails I'm sporting right now aren't half bad really so I'll share them with you.  I recently discovered Color Club polishes.  These are not easily obtainable in Canada.  I've only seen them for sale at Winners and not all stores carry them.  It's kind of hit and miss with Winners but last month I found the Wild at Heart collection (I think it's from 2009) and picked it up for $12.99 which is really good for 6 colours plus top coat.  The packages look like this:

I do have one complaint - the bottles are not labeled.  I can only tell the names of the colours from the back of the I've kept this sitting on my dresser in the package.

Now for the good: The first coat is Color Club's Love em, Leave em.  It reminds me of that buttery cinnamon spread we ate as kids...but this is a holographic polish.  It went on so smoothly and it was easy to control the amount of polish on the brush so I had almost no clean up on my fingers.  It was also one coat! If I was wearing it alone, I may have done 2 coats but it wasn't really necessary.  I love this polish and I need to buy more of it!

So next I used Wild and Willing from the same collection and sponged it on my tips only.  It's this sorta bronze-ish glittery colour that looks sometimes green and sometimes pink in different lighting.

Then I pulled out the Konad that I had been neglecting for a few weeks and stamped some butterflies from plate m36 using Wet and Wild - Wild Shine in Black Creme (less than $2 at Walmart).  I finished it off with some orange rhinestones I got from Dollarama for $1.25 and a top coat of NYC Quick Dry Top Coat (also less than $2 at Walmart). 

Okay so my image posting skills need some work.  I would have liked them bigger but I'll fix it next time.  Anyways I've got a backlog of mani photos to share with you and some comments on several types of polish including the Seche Vite top coat that everyone raves about.  I'm hoping to make at least 2 posts a week and keep them much shorter than this one.



  1. i'm excited to see another canadian blogger! (i don't have a blog but am always on the hunt for other canadian nail addicts!) and I especially appreciate that you're making a point to give canadian retail info on the products! best of luck with your blog! can't wait to see more :)

  2. Thanks Jessica! I will try my best to post where you can buy the products in Canada. It seems like when we actually find these goodies from an online retailer we always get shafted with shipping charges in Canada too!