Thursday, January 27, 2011

Well hello Ivanka!

I knew this polish would be awesome.  Green is one of my favorite colours.  This is the first Zoya I tried and the formula was surprisingly thin.  This is 3 coats of Zoya Ivanka with a base coat of Sally Hansen Nail Quencher (discontinued but found at Len's Mill Store for $2) and a top coat of NYC Quick Dry ($2 or less at Walmart or Rexall).

This polish totally reminded me of the Sally Hansen HD polishes.  It's not really glitter but more like a glass fleck finish.  It would be great for layering as well...I will definitely be trying this one out over black.  The photo makes it look kind of gritty but it's not at all, it's very smooth.  It's hard to photograph and in most lights it actually looks like a foil, but regardless it's awesome and screams 'look at my nails!'

I'm not a flashy person in the least so it's a bit weird for me.  I think this is a polish that needs to be left alone.  No konad for me this time.

So speaking of konad, I have decided I'm going to try something a little different.  I never had intentions of starting this blog and just posting swatches because there are tons of those sites, most of them aren't even really colour accurate, and I use my blackberry for a camera haha.  So what I'm going to attempt is to take each of my konad plates and do manicures with every single design, plate by plate.  I will warn you now though that there will probably be some fugly and tacky nails ahead.  I will try my very best to keep them classy.  I think I have about 7 konad plates at the moment and my Bundle Monster plates should be here shortly so that's enough for a whole years worth of designs at least.

I almost forgot to mention that even though I got my Zoya's through a promo, you can buy these polishes in Canada for around $9 (if I recall correctly) at Trade Secrets.  I have seen these at some salons as well.


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