Friday, January 28, 2011

I'm such a noob

Wow so I got a couple of followers already.  Was really only expecting the Princess to show up LOL (who by the way is too lazy to enter her email into GFC anyways).  I also apparently got tagged by Danielle, another Canadian girl with a fantastic blog at

Thanks to all!

So help me out here because I'm new to this whole thing even though I'd been stalking a few sites over the last several months.  I'm not sure I'm down with the do's and dont's and the etiquette of blogging and perhaps there are rules unique to the nail polish community?  I'm assuming it's okay to link to other blogs I like without asking permission?  What I'm not sure about is the image posting/linking rules.  I would never take anyone's photo and claim it's my own so that's not really an issue here anyways.  I'm not going to watermark my photos because I'm lazy and they suck and I can't see how someone could possibly use them for profit anyways.  Oh and blog rolls?  How the heck do you do that?  Because I love clicking on new blogs whenever I visit other sites.

I'm still wearing Ivanka today and so I suppose I will share some little facts about me:

I bit my nails until I was about 21.  It runs in my family and some of them still do it...ahhhh!  I quit cold turkey when I watched an episode of Oprah where they talked about germs and actually tested what's under your fingernails.  It was beyond gross!

So my nails were quite thin (and still are) from years of chewing and I found the only way to keep them from peeling, splitting and breaking all the time was to keep them polished.

I only recently discovered Konad and ordered a few plates late last summer.  That's when I also discovered nail blogs and all these amazing brands of nail polish I've never heard of.  My previous stash of about 50 polishes has now grown to over 200!

And since I wanted to add a photo I will let you in on another fact about me - I hate pink.  Hmm actually no not hate, just really dislike it.  Reds are okay with me and I love purples but pinks are just not me at all.  I usually gravitate towards the black, green and blue shades.

So a few months ago I found this Nail Prisms polish at Lens Mill Store for $2 but it was pink (Blush Diamond).  But it's holo! But it's pink, and not only pink - light girly pink!  But it's holo AND $2!  So I bought it, went home and slapped it on.  Crap, that's really girly pink.  I think I'll add some black with my striping brush.  But the good news is that I saw on another blog (sorry I can't remember who) that you can franken your holos without loosing the holo effect.  So this polish will soon become de-pinked!


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  1. I love this polish. :) I picked this up for myself at the dollar tree.