Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Everybody loves gel polish

I have been doing gel polish almost exclusively on my Clients.  Who needs extensions when gel polish can help grow your real ones?  Not to mention no damage either.

This is RCM Dripping in Luxury with CND Additive in Haute Pink scrubbed into the tips.  The accent nails have little embedded iridescent hollow hearts that you can barely see in the photo.

This is RCM Toast of the Town with Konad roses stamped in black and pink.  This matched a dress she was wearing to a wedding.

And just a bit closer.  It's sometimes hard to tell Clients how to 'pose' for photos lol.

I've slowed down a bit the last few weeks.  The new job is wearing me out and sometimes when I get home I just want to cancel my nail appointments.  Can't imagine having to deal with a boyfriend too...good thing I'm single right now.


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