Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Gramma Nails

Ok ok so this is my Mom's nails but she is a Grandmother and the little Countess of Caca loves to see what Gramma's got on her nails every week.

So let's rewind here to October 2012.  I was just finishing up my Nail Tech course and had done a couple sets of acrylics and a Shellac or two on my Mom - the chronic nail biter.  After I removed her acrylics she actually had a bit of free edge which she had never had before in her life.  Unfortunately I never did take a pic of her severely bitten nails.

And here we are in July of 2013.  You can clearly see from this photo that she picks her gel polish off!  However I can't really complain since she's actually managed to keep some good length.  She's also been militant in applying her cuticle oil so I'm happy that she's been able to keep them like this.  Although she does routinely complain that they're too long.  So this was before I shortened, shaped and re-polished them.

So how's that for Gramma nails?  When my Mom comes to get her nails done I ask what she wants and her response is always 'whatever, as long as it's not black'.  And I keep asking her to look online for designs she likes to bring to me because it's a lot of pressure to come up with something...actually no, it's a lot of pressure to come up with something fun for me but suitable for a Gramma lol.  So I said fuckit, I'm gonna do what I want then, and that's what Gramma got! 

So I painted 3 nails in OPI Gelcolor Strawberry Margarita and now that I'm typing this I'm thinking 'oh shit I forgot that polish stains'.  Then I took some tinfoil and added a drop of Shellac Asphalt and a drop of Shellac Cream Puff and mixed them and painted that on her pointer.  Then I painted a coat of Gelish Vegas Nights on her ring finger and smirked at her and said 'nervous?'  She said 'yeah a little bit'.  Then I did another coat of each, whipped out the silver glitter scrubbed it in the ring finger and topped it off with a konad stamp in Pure Ice Silver Mercedes on the pink nails.  I really like it and can't wait to hear what the Countess thinks of Gramma's nails this week.


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  1. What glitter do you use that you "scrub" on? I love your Mani's!! you have great tips! Do you use Instagram too?