Thursday, August 22, 2013

Just couldn't do it...

People ask me all the time if my nails are fake.  So why not try to intentionally make them look fake?

These are my natural, clean and freshly manicured nails.  The length is pretty much as long as I can stand to work with.

In lieu of base coat I decided to go with a coat of Gelish Vitagel Strength.

I used Gelish Sweet Morning Dew as a base colour, making extra deep curved smile lines for that 'fake nail' look.  Before I painted the french, I removed the inhibition layer from the Vitagel with a wipe of 99% Isopropyl Alcohol.  This step is to ensure that there is no layer for the glitter to stick to in the next step.

I scrubbed some orange iridescent glitter into the inhibition layer.  Since the Vitagel had already been wiped there was no glitter stuck into the clear layer.

The next step I added some larger glitter pieces, mylar hearts etc and covered them with a layer of Gelish Structure.

And then another layer of Gelish Structure to smooth out any bumps and then removed the inhibition layer for the next step.

I filed with a fine 240-grit file just to make it all perfectly smooth.  Just a very light touch and a high grit file.

Lastly of course is the top coat.  I almost always use Gelish Top It Off.  It's definitely my favourite of the gel top coats.  So did I achieve the fake/acrylic nail 'look'?  Doesn't matter either way because I just couldn't wear this.  I didn't even bother to do my other hand.  I have my limits and this definitely hit it.  I took it off the next morning.  I'm sure someone out there would probably like this kind of thing though.



  1. What does "inhibition layer" mean? I have the Vitagel Recovery.

  2. I love the color and the glitter but I couldn't pull off the french look. I bet someone would wear that and love it though. You did make them look like fake nails though :) and they look like really nice fake nails too :)

  3. Inhibition layer is the 'sticky' layer that must be wiped off with alcohol after the gel has cured. It's always best to remove that layer when doing nail art or filing to smooth before finishing.