Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Custom Gelish

I decided that I wasn't really 'feeling' any of my gel polish colours last week so I decided to create my own.

On a piece of tinfoil I added several drops of Gelish Garden Teal Party and equal parts Gelish Sheek White.  For you kiddies at home - DO NOT mix brands of gel polish when attempting to create custom colours!  These products do not have the same chemical makeup and you have no idea what kind of reaction they can create.  For this reason I have purchased a white gel polish in each of the 3 main brands I use - Gelish, Shellac and OPI Gelcolor.  The expense I feel, is totally worth it.

So you can see here my thumbnail is holding Gelish Garden Teal Party and I lightened it enough to almost match the colour to it's direct left - OPI Can't Find My Czechbook.  My custom colour is a bit lighter and a bit more green than the OPI.  The actual colour is really somewhere in between the colour of my photos.  It's a true tiffany blue but a shade darker.

I also decided to try out feathers for the first time.  I used a base of a silvery sparkle (RCM I think).  Application was much easier than I was expecting but I did accidentally get some blue gel on one nail and I probably could have used a third top coat or used Gelish Structure to smooth it out more.  I'm not sure if I can live with this for 2 whole weeks. One thing I've noticed over time is that I can now do my own gel polish manicure, including nail art in about an hour.  When I first got my Shellac kit it was taking me a minimum of 1.5 hours. When I do a Client it typically takes an hour but that includes a full manicure which I obviously don't do on myself so I'm pretty happy being able to complete my own in an hour now.


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