Thursday, August 15, 2013


So last time I was shopping in Michigan I popped into Ulta and was surprised to see Minx in the clearance aisle for $3!  That's a bargain I just couldn't pass up.

The design I chose was Gold Moons.  I would have purchased all of them but I wasn't sure I'd actually like these so I just bought one.  I applied them over gel polish which was a good thing because they show every tiny little imperfection.  I had a bitch of a time applying these actually.  This was my first time using strips of any kind.

And on my toes the application again was shite but I enjoyed them much more on my feet.  I ended up taking my fingers off after around 24 hours.  Honestly there was no way those edges would smooth out perfectly and they drove me friggen insane catching on shit.  The toes are a week and going strong.  Would I do Minx again?  Nope.

So to cheer myself up I went a little crazy at the Cosmoprof Anniversary sale and picked up a crapload of Gelish and Shellac.  The corals and fluorescent pinks seem to be the hot colours with Clients right now. My official count on the soak off gel collection is now exactly 100! Yeah that's 100 different colours of soak off gel.  Honestly I'm still missing two very important colours in my collection though - a chocolate brown creme and a medium green creme.  Somebody make these colours please and make my life complete!


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