Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Gelish has had a new product out for a few months now called Vitagel.  There are two kinds - Strength and Recovery.

I tried the Strength version.  These are my bare nails before application.  I had heard mixed reviews leaning towards the 'bad' side about this product.  I bought it on sale because I was curious and I have a few Clients who need some help growing their nails.

This is one coat of Vitagel Strength.  It doesn't require a base coat and is cured for 2 minutes under UV light.  It's slightly thicker than a normal Gel Polish. It doesn't have quite the same satin smooth finish as Gelish Top Coat.  Next time I may try it with 2 coats.  It doesn't require a top coat either.

So I decided to try out a new regular polish I picked up from the same company who makes Gelish.  This is 2 coats of Morgan Taylor Water Baby.  I painted 3 coats of Billie Electric Coral on the accent nail and I love the satin finish on it.

This is with topcoat and the best photo I could take that shows the amazing blue/purple shimmer in the Billie polish.  As for the Morgan Taylor polish, the formula was just okay.  I did not like the brush at all.  It's a very big brush much like OPI's but not near as refined as OPI's.  They do have a fabulous selection of colours and some pretty awesome glitters but not enough to make me add another brand to my huge collection of OPI's, China Glaze's, Essie's and Orly's.  Not to mention the Vinylux's I recently added.

I stamped it up with Sally Hansen Inst-Dri in Presto Pink.  4 days in and the Vitagel has cracked a bit under the polish.  That's pretty typical for me with Gel Polish.  My nails are very thin and flexible so cracking is not that unusual.  It's rarely noticeable unless I wear lighter colours like this blue.  And honestly it's my own fault because I don't use my cuticle oil as often as I'm supposed to.

The plan is to try and wear the Vitagel for 2 weeks while switching up my regular polish on top to see how it holds out.  Since I only used one coat of the Vitagel it doesn't quite have the strength of a regular Gel Polish manicure but definitely better than regular polish alone.


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  1. Ohh I am very curious to see how it goes! I have been thinking about giving it a try but the reviews scared me away.