Thursday, July 25, 2013

Wedding nails

Last night I did a Client's nails for her wedding on Saturday.  I asked her what she wanted several times and her response was 'whatever you think'.  Wait what?  How many brides do you ever run into that don't have their exact style and colour picked out???!!!  She told me her wedding dress was 75% black with white flowers.  She is definitely an outside-of-the-box kind of bride and I think that's awesome.  She decided not to go with extensions and I showed her a black and white design that I really liked.  She immediately said 'yes do it'

So we did 2 coats of Shellac Cream Puff and one coat of OPI Kyoto Pearl because we decided the Cream Puff on it's own was a bit like white out.  Kyoto Pearl added just the right amount of shimmer.  Then I stamped some flowers down the side of each nail and I added a tiny little blue pearl on her accent nails to match the blue flower she's going to wear in her hair.  She promised to send me a photo of everything put together.  She was very happy with them when she left and it's pretty cool that she let me choose her nails for the most important day of her life.  She was a very sweet 'dream' Client and I hope she'll be back.

Just a quick note also on some exciting news in the soak off gel polish world.  I'm often annoyed by the lack of (or incorrect) info on gel polishes and there are very few blogs that posts swatches and manicures with soak off gels.  Well that's about to change because China Glaze is coming out with a soak off gel polish line called Gelaze and I believe it's going to be available at Sally's in the fall.  I'm sure this is exactly what nail bloggers/DIYers have been waiting for...a familiar brand name, easilly accessible gel polish.  Can't wait to see all the swatch posts.


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  1. So pretty and so nice to have an easy going Bride, I get the heebies when I know I have to deal with Brides to Be lol