Wednesday, January 11, 2012

One last holiday mani

I was a bad girl and didn't update my blog during the holidays.  In fact I barely had any internet access at all and I didn't even mind it.

So here's the last holiday mani I did:

This is one coat of Wet and Wild's Blue Wants To Be A Millionaire over RCM Drop Dead Gorgeous.  Subtly sparkly but very gritty...ugh.

I stamped it with one of my new Showcase plates B89 with Pure Ice Silver Mercedes and tried out my new Migi Nail Art Pens in White. 

My opinion after using 2 of these pens?  The white literally runs right out of the pen tip.  The black barely comes out no matter how hard I squeeze.  I would never have purchased them for myself and I can't believe these sell for $30/set at Zellers.  Not worth it.


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