Friday, January 20, 2012

Metal camo?

When I bought the LA Girl Metal set from Winners on Boxing Day I knew I had a polish from that collection sitting in my drawer at home.  Turns out that it was Brass and this is one coat above.  I really like how the silver pops out here, it really does look like tarnished metal even if it looks absolutely nothing like brass.  So that gave me a good idea...

I sponged the other 3 Metal polishes randomly on my nails - Antique Gold, Graphite and Sterling Silver.  This was almost impossible to photograph.  I couldn't decide if it looked more liked rusted metal or army camo.  Either way I found it interesting to stare at.  I will probably try this method again to do a real camo mani.


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  1. That looks so cool! I love it! Great color