Thursday, January 5, 2012

New plates

Along with my new gel polishes, my boyfriend also got me a new set of plates for xmas.  These plates were purchased from the Showcase (As seen on TV) store and they came in an unlabelled package.  There were 20 plates for $19.99 and are numbered in no particular order.  I gave 6 of them to the Duchess of Doo since they were obvious dupes of my konad and bundle monster plates.

Plates B28, B87 and B89.  B28 is a konad dupe except for one image on it.  I like the fact that some of these plates have reverse images on them.

B65, B69 and B74.  Pretty sure some of these are also konad dupes but I don't own the originals anyways.

B75, B77, B79 and B86.  More flowers are always good.

B41, B42, B61 and B94.  Definitely some unique images blended with some old konad standards in here.  All in all it's worth it for only $20.  I remember my first konad purchase was $7 per plate so I don't even mind that I gave a third of this set away.

No nail art today but here's one coat of China Glaze's VIII:

Dark Plum, right up my alley.  So why not try something unusual over it?

One coat of China Glaze's Lighthouse.  I wasn't expecting it to look green but I liked it.  My nails are getting too long...time for a trim soon.


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  1. Yess new plates! I looove b65, these designs tend to stamp perfect every time