Wednesday, January 18, 2012

She's my cherry pie

I couldn't resist that title since we've been watching back to back episodes of Metal Evolution lately and the last one we watched was on the Glam Era which, as cheesy as it was, got me into metal initially.

This is another polish from my Gosh mini set called Ashy Grey, one coat.

I stamped with Showcase plate B89 yet again using Kleancolors in Metallic Red and Metallic Green.

I wish this had photographed better because I loved it!  I need to wear this one again.

So my blog is now officially one year old.  I have to say I'm pretty happy that I'm still here and although my direction has changed slightly, I'm glad that it's still managed to hold my interest.

In honor of my one year anniversary I will explain the name of my blog.  You will notice sometimes that I refer to my younger sisters as the Princess and the Duchess.  These are nicknames that my Dad gave to the 3 of us as kids.  One of our duties was to clean up the dog poop from the backyard.  So my Dad dubbed us as the Queen of Crap, Duchess of Doo and Princess of Poo.

It's good to be Queen ;)


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