Saturday, January 28, 2012

Magnetic comparison

Ok you caught me, I schedule my posts days and sometimes weeks in advance.  I had to interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to post this because the new magnetic polishes are starting to make the rounds.  So yesterday I hit Claire's and purchased the only 2 they had...a pink one with a wavy magnet and a silver with a striped magnet.

The price is $9.75 CAD and they almost always have buy one get one at 50% off.  So 2 of these ran me about $17.  They are 9.8ml each which is slightly larger than the LCN Magnetics at 8ml.  I love the removable cap and the little 'ledge' to rest your finger so it doesn't touch the magnet.  I can't give them credit for it though since they copied someone else's design but I do like it so much better than the LCN Magnet.

The brushes are absolutely terrible.  I had heard that both the Claire's and Icing brushes were really messed up so I checked several bottles and they were ALL fucked.  Shame on them for releasing these with messed up brushes.  The magnetic caps also don't fit snugly on my silver bottle, they are very loose.

So first up is the pink one with the wavy magnet.  The polish is much thinner than the LCN brand.  The instructions said to use a thick coat but I had to basically glob it on to get full coverage.  These polishes have a sparkle in them that the LCN polishes don't have.

Next up is the silver polish with the striped magnet.  I found this one to be very subtle as compared to the LCN polishes.  I was worried this would be similar to LCN's Iron Magic but it's not even close.

So I decided a side by side comparison was in order.  From L-R:

Claire's Silver with LCN Magnet
LCN Iron Magic with LCN Magnet
Claire's Silver with Claire's Magnet
LCN Iron Magic with Claire's Magnet

For me the winner here is clearly LCN.  The polish and design is much more defined, cleaner and noticeable.  The magnet has more lines as well.  The only advantages that Claire's has is the design of the magnetic lid and the price.  The LCN magnet has to be purchased separately and it set me back $20.

I do however, really love the wavy magnet design, which LCN doesn't offer.  So this is the final manicure I settled on.  With the wavy magnet design it kind of has an optical illusion effect when you move your nails back and forth.  It also reminds me of a catseye, which is pretty damn cool.

Although these magnetic polishes are more expensive I think they're worth it.  Bring em on!


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  1. I tried the icing Magnetix Red this morning - the brush IS horrible but the end result is awesome!! They have a magnetic cap. They ran 9.00 US at the outlets - no deals on them, and they only have 4 colours available: Blue, Red, Silver, & Gold.

    ~Duchess :p