Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Color Blast by Orly

So I found this new line at a local drugstore and was curious about it.  And I still am.  There is really no information on this line out there that I can find.  What's even stranger to me is the fact that Orly has a brand new line at Shoppers as well called Quo.  Lots of info available on the Quo line though, so what the hell is up with this?  As I mentioned before there seems to be a lot of repackaged colours from Orly's core line.  I only bought one out of curiosity.  This is 2 coats of Firecracker.  I had some uneven brush issues in this bottle but other than that, nothing else significant.  Pretty colour but obviously not unique.  The bottle is 1ml smaller than a regular Orly and carries a $10 price tag!

I've been wanting to try the two-colour stamping method for awhile.  I used a random black and a white polish with BM221.  I liked it better where I had smudged it a little too much so I may try smudging the whole design next time rather than just down where the 2 polishes meet.  It's definitely interesting anyways.



  1. I'm intrigued--I've never heard of this line, much less seen it!

  2. I have 2 colours of this line, and one is identical to a regular Orly I just got a week or so ago! I got Royal Navy from Orly, and just pulled out this Color Blast Orly in Twilight... darned if they aren't the same thing! I have another Color Blast in a purpleish shimmer with a light gold duochrome (the colour name is long gone, the sticker peeled off) that I'm torn on whether I actually like. I saw this line for a short while, and now it's gone with Quo replacing it. Quo is overpriced, IMO.