Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It keeps getting better and better

Well after a long couple months of uninspiring polishes it looks like things are turning around finally.  These last couple weeks I've been picking up some amazing polishes and here is the crown jewel:

This is one coat of LCN Magnetic Polish in Green Temptation.  I picked up this one along with Iron Magic (Black) with the stripe magnet at my local salon.  These things cost me way more than I would normally pay but I just had to have them.  I forgot to take a photo right after I painted them so this is from the next day after I'd done the dishes - hence the chip in my index finger and you also may have noticed the nasty break on my ring finger...so yeah shorties again.  I'm not too worried though since they grow fairly fast.

Anyways, so this guy I just started dating was fascinated with the magnetic polish and he's trying to figure out how we can make our own.  Gotta love a guy who enables your worst addictions right?  I may have to keep him around for awhile because on the weekend he brought me some duochrome paint powder from his dad's body shop!  That will have to be for a later post though sorry.  So does anyone know what they use in magnetic polish?  Metallic dust of some sort?

So of course on Sept.1 I hit up Sally's for the new collections and picked up the following:

L-R: Orly Stone Cold and Rococo A Go-go, China Glaze Skyscraper, Trendsetter, Westside Warrior and Fifth Avenue.  In the front are Nail Bling Stickers which sadly I didn't get a chance to use before I had to cut my nails.  They were in the clearance section.

I had no intention of getting Skyscraper.  It didn't thrill me when I saw the swatches of it but when I picked it up in the store I couldn't put it down.  I swatched it on a nail wheel when I got home and I actually really like the finish so I'm glad I bought it.

I actually bought even more polish last week but I'll save it for later as well.  It's been a very expensive (but awesome) polish week for me!


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