Friday, September 9, 2011

He's a keeper

So as not to scare you with the state of my nails right off the top, let's start with a recent haul.

I know I already posted about the Orly but it's in this photo for comparison to the Orly beside it.  Yep that's an Orly Color Blast that I found at my local drugstore.  Price was $10 but I had a coupon for $3 off.  They had around 30 colours to choose from and most of them looked like recycled colours from their core line.  I really have no idea what's the deal with these.  There's no information that I can find online about them.  The bottles are 1ml smaller than the regular Orly's. This colour is called Firecracker and it obviously looks like a dupe for a polish we all know and love very well - China Glaze Ruby Pumps.

So here is the comp with Orly on the left and CG on the right.  Not dupes but very similar.

The Sally Hansen polish from my haul photo above is Midnight Sky and I saw it in a display of new colours.  It immediately reminded me of Revlon Carbonite but darker, and I was right:

The finish is a little shinier than Carbonite.

I love this colour.  I wish I hadn't decided beforehand that I was going to use it as a base.  Remember I mentioned that this guy I'm seeing brought me some duochrome paint powder?  Well looky here:

He labelled the bottle 'blue-green' so I'm not sure if the paint powder has an official name.  I mixed it up with some top coat and got way too excited.

He also brought me a bottle labelled 'violet' which looks pearly white but when you put it over black you get the awesome purple above.

And just because I have this need to ruin all my mani's with Konad, here it is stamped with Kleancolor in Metallic Brown and plate BM205.

I'm thinking we may see a few more of these paint powder polishes pop up on here soon ;)


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