Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I love this crap!

So as I mentioned in my other posts I got an awesome deal on a used Shellac set.  It came with 5 colours, base coat and top coat, scrub fresh cleanser and a CND Shellac UV Lamp for $100.  I also picked up a couple of Gelish polishes since the ones that came with the set were mostly pink.

And here is my very first manicure with the set.  I used the Shellac base and top coat and I used Gelish in Bella's Vampire for the colour.  I had some trouble with it at first as I think I applied my base coat too thickly.  The first colour coat did not apply very well and even though I capped my tips it didn't want to stay on.  I did this on friday night and I do have a chip on my index finger already.  I have a few ideas why that happened but I'm learning so it's all good.

I seriously cannot get over the freakin shine on this!  It's amazing.  I've polished over it with regular polish and then removed it with non acetone remover and it still looks as shiny as when it was first applied!

So of course Mom and the Princess of Poo came over Saturday morning for their very own Shellac manicures.

The Princess chose Tutti Frutti for her mani which is a hot pink with purple shimmer.  This colour is just WOW.  Too bad I don't like pink but it looks great on her.  I found the Shellac colour was much easier to work with than the Gelish which is too bad because the Shellac is not readily available to me.  The Princess sent me a text yesterday telling me how much she loves her manicure :)

I did my Moms nails in a sheer pink and her nails are bitten down to the bone so there was no way I was going to take a photo of them.  I'm crossing my fingers that this will help her grow them out.

So I know it's only 4 days in but I think I love this stuff!  My nails feel stronger and it's great that I can polish and konad right on top of it.  I'm also hoping to buff the yellow out of my nails and apply a clear shellac manicure to protect them from now on.  The best part about this though is that I'll never have to walk around with chipped nails again :)


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