Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Golden Rose Holo Order

It's great having a sister who lives in the US so I can get my hands on some amazing polishes, but it also makes for a real pain in the ass sometimes when I have to deal with customer service. 

I placed an order through Golden Rose USA and had it sent to my sister in Delaware since they don't ship to Canada.  I only asked her to open up the package and count the polishes.  Typically in the past I've asked her to open each one (especially Zoyas) and I have no idea why I didn't ask her to open this package.  Regardless, 2 months later she came up to visit and brought my package and one of the bottles looked like this:

In real life it looks much more disgusting.  This is supposed to be a 'moss green' holo polish but it's a bottle of cloudy jelly.  I have no idea how that could even happen.  Anyways, I've emailed customer service so it remains to be seen the response I get but I will definitely post it.

This wasn't however, the only problem with my order.

Here we have 3 of the polishes I ordered.  #108 is described as grey on the website - ok good.  #103 is described as silver - check.  #107 is described as purple - uh what?  I already mentioned in a previous post that the burgundy color was not really a burgundy either, but at least it had a tint to it!  Out of 9 bottles ordered it ended up that 5 of them were varying shades of grey/silver!

So here is #107 in all it's glory:

Pretty polish but there is not a hint of purple to be seen here.  I'm really more concerned with my bottle of swamp water so I will wait patiently for a response from Golden Rose.

I did want to share an excellent response I had from Zoya with a problem order though.  If you visit Zoya's facebook page you'll see that occasionally orders arrive with broken bottles or missing brushes.  I always have my sister open the bottles to check for this when they arrive.  The last order I placed for 6 bottles in the bogo offer, she noticed the neck on one bottle had broken, and she sent me a photo of it.  I contacted Zoya through their live chat on their website and they were quick and helpful.  They sent out a new bottle immediately.  Great service.

I have seen people complaining that the Zoya CSR asks for a photo.  Seriously?  Would you walk into Walmart with a receipt for a broken dvd player that you left at home and expect them to refund your money?  Years ago I worked in customer service and I would get complaints non-stop from people asking for their money or their item replaced.  You would not believe how many of those people were scammers. 

I remember quite clearly one guy who complained that he and all his buddies got sick from our food and he said he wanted all his food replaced the next day.  Wait a sec, so you claim you just got sick from our food but you want to eat it again the following day?  Who does that?  So I asked him to bring his receipt in - he claimed he lost it.  I asked him to bring in the packaging - he claimed he threw it all away.  So I asked him what exactly he had ordered.  Then I went out back and pulled the cash register tapes from the previous night.  There was nothing on those tapes that was even remotely similar to what he claimed he ordered.  When I came back out and told him that he took right off.  Sadly, that guy and many others get away with that shit all the time.

Those are the people that drive up the prices on the products we love.  I have zero problem sending a photo to a company when I have an issue.  I'm amazed that people would even have a problem with that.



  1. Yup, I was disappointed with the large number of "grey" holos they have inaccurately represented on their web site too. Ah well, at least they're holo. Hope the first one gets sorted soon.

  2. I did mention the colour discrepancies so we'll see if they address that issue as well. I would imagine most people haven't complained about it because they are just happy to have holos. I think at this point I'm pretty much discouraged from ordering from them again.