Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pea Soup

That is seriously what Zoya Mitzi should have been called.  This is 2 coats and could have definitely used another but like everyone says, it's a bitch to work with.  It's virtually impossible to apply this polish without ending up with ridges.  I didn't care much about the reviews and thought I would love this anyways since it's matte and it's green, but no, I hate it.  Pain in the ass to apply and it totally looks like pea soup...ick.  I sandwiched a layer of topcoat in between but it didn't seem to matter as I had some chipping the next day.

I was eager to play some more with my dotting tools so I pulled out Zoya's Phoebe to dot.  This reminds me of freckles on an alien lol.  I added a layer of Essie's Matte About You hoping that it would smooth it out a bit and I found it added a bit of a smoother matte effect.

I hated it and didn't have time to change it so after 24 hours I added a coat of Nfu Oh 40.  I am soooo gonna bomb this blog with flakies now!  Sadly this peeled the very next morning because I used Seche Vite for the topcoat.

Sooo have you guys ever noticed (or maybe it's just me) that your nails always look best when you're driving?

Even on a crappy cloudy day they sparkle more than any indoor photo I've taken.  My nails are seriously going to cause a car accident one day!


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