Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A haul, a mani and some thoughts

I try to check out Winners at least twice a month because even though they never have much stock on beauty items you can usually find a couple of gems.  Like this one I found last week:

This was $15 and although I'm not really into the light pastel colours I thought this was too cute too pass up and figured some would be good for stamping.  Here are the colours that came in it:

I do actually like all the colours except for the orange and pink so I'll get some use out of them.  The blue and orange ones stamped really nicely too.

Anyways, my nails are peeling and chipping pretty badly so I had to trim them again.  This mani only confirmed that I really should stick to the dark colours.

2 coats of OPI's Russian Navy Matte.  Love love love it!  I'm all for mixing things up sometimes, but every time I slap a deep dark colour on my nails I feel good.

So I stamped it with Konad plate m31 using my 3 China Glaze Tronicas: Hologram, High-Def and Laser Lime.  The stamping looked murky over the matte polish so I threw a topcoat on and still wasn't happy with it.  But I'm definitely sticking with the dark colours for awhile.

I wanted to add something else here that I've been thinking about for a bit lately...

This blog was originally intended for my sister and I to share nail art and ideas not only with each other but also for anyone who was interested.  I appreciate the few followers I have and love to read your comments.  Honestly, I don't ever want this blog to become a monster with hundreds of followers for several reasons I won't get into.  I also love many of your blogs and find that a lot of you are genuinely nice girls with great ideas to share.

However lately I've noticed that I really dislike some of the things I've seen on other blogs and message boards...mostly relating to snotty comments or people ganging up on others when it's not really called for.  I'm not calling anyone out here, I promise.  Truth be told, I stopped reading the actual posts of those offenders long ago but I still subscribe and look at their photos because hey, I love nail polish!  But I guess I'm just struggling with whether or not to unsubscribe because of their vile attitudes.  Have you guys come across this at all?  And what did you do?

And what is it with this shit anyways?  I thought all this media attention on cyber-bullying was helping to make things better...ugh, rant over.



  1. what a cute set of polish!

    i am sad that unnecessary cruelty is sullying the fun of sharing ideas, of blogging.

  2. i love the polish set :)

    unfortunately we are never going to live in a world with every person only has nice things to say, its very sad. I have never come across anything in the bloggy world as of yet though, I hope you make your decision sroon as its something you are thinking about a lot

    shel xx

  3. Hey I totally get that this is the internet and everyone can be a tough guy behind their pc but I guess I'm wondering really whether or not y'all stop following bloggers who made comments or posts that were mean or offended you in some way?

  4. Ha! Same reason I'm abandoning my big blog and getting ready to do something I enjoy on a smaller blogging scale. Love your rant for more reasons then you could know - sick of the sh*t and drama others feel the need to instigate.