Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Playing with new goodies

So after I noticed everyone buying cheap nail art supplies from a certain seller in China, I did a bit of research to see what else I could find online.  I've ordered stuff from China before and although the stuff I'd seen on other nail blogs was pretty cheap, I knew I could find cheaper.  So here's what I got for $15USD:

3 corrector pens: $2.86
12 pc glitter: $3.23
15 pc nail art brushes: $3.27
5 pc dotting tools: $2.07
3 1800pc gem wheels: $3.51
Total = $14.94 no tax and free shipping!

Same order from other online nail store = $25.84

Now the store that I ordered from is not a 'nail specific' store and they don't have polish or image plates but they do carry other supplies as well.  Shipping takes about a month from China regardless.  Only one of those items was cheaper from the 'other' store - the corrector pens were cheaper by 6 cents, but you have to buy them in a package of 5 so you're only saving a penny each.  The gems were $3 compared to the $1.17 I paid!  They are the exact same products!  As are the dotting tools (which were double the price) and the brushes (at $1 more).  The main reason I was put off by the other store initially is because I looked at their stock every couple of days and their prices were constantly changing.  It seemed like the more publicity they got, the higher their prices went.  If anyone wants the name of the store I made my purchase from I can add it in the comments later.

So I had to play with my new toys right away.

2 coats of NOPI's My Lifesaver.  I know I said before that I liked these new brushes in this polish and I do love the shape of them, however the bristles on this one were hard and it was a total pain to apply.

So this is my first time trying out a nail art brush and I obviously need a lot of practice.  I used China Glaze's Bogie here.

These are some great quality brushes and a nice variety too.  The bristles are nice and soft and they are solidly built.  I'm impressed for $3.

I pulled out my new dotting tools and dotted in China Glaze's Below Deck.  Definitely need some practice with the dotting tools too.  I find I'm pretty shaky with these nail art tools.  I added gems in the bottom corner to finish it off.  I don't hate it, but I don't love it either.  I'm finding that My Lifesaver is coming off kind of neon...it's very bright. 

So even though I suck at it, I am loving the dotting tools.  I will definitely try and use them as often as possible.



  1. Awesome that you got everything at a bargain. I like the final mani!

  2. good job :) its very pretty, the fun is always in the practicing i think cos thats when you learn what works for you

    shel xx