Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Extended break

I missed blogging.  Not sure if I can keep up to my previous pace but I'm going to put some effort into this again.  And my direction is also going to change here somewhat as well since I'm now a licensed Nail Tech.

I have access now to so many cool things in the nail world and I'm still obsessed with Gel polish.  I pretty much lost my passion for the nail blog world last fall.  I was tired of seeing all this indie crap being posted and just really didn't see what the fuss is about.  I still don't, but in any case you won't see much regular nail polish on this blog anymore.

So having said that, let's see some RNP (regular nail polish) photos:

I picked up all 3 of the China Glaze Ombre kits when they came out.  $11 for 4 CG polishes was a friggen steal so I bought them all!  FYI my new blackberry camera sucks ass so the quality of my photos has declined quite a bit.

For my birthday this year I treated myself to the entire Hologlam display:

Yeah it's sideways, I don't give a shit lol and you guys have all seen it a million times now anyways.  This looks pretty awesome in my nail studio.

That's pretty much all the RNP I've purchased over the last 6 months.  I've spent a lot on gel supplies though.  In fact my haul from last weekend was pretty awesome:

The Axxium and 6 of the OPI Gelcolors were a steal at less than $50.  I did splurge on the OPI Gelcolor from the Oz Collection - When Monkeys Fly (which doesn't curl like the RNP version does).  I also picked up 3 colours from the brand new CND Vinylux line (not pictured) and I'm excited to try those out but have no one to test them on.  I suppose I could wear it over my gel polish.  I'm overwhelmed right now with new stuff to try.

Hopefully I can keep this up again.



  1. How is the OPI Sand lacquer from the Oz Gel collection?

  2. Hi Thalie, I don't think they released any of the 'sand finish' in Gelcolor. I did buy a couple of the sand finishes in regular polish and I don't hate them ;)

  3. Interested to see your take on the Vinylux I haven't seenany reviews yet, I'm addicted to gels but still curious:)

  4. Actually I'm wearing Vinylux right now but it's only been 2 days. Review post will be late next week :)