Thursday, December 20, 2012

Small Update

I'm still around :)

I haven't been doing many nails the last couple of weeks but I've been very busy.  I did a fill on my acrylic french, added a coat of OPI Princesses Rule and a little konad stamping.  How very unlike me eh?
I wore that to an interview at a salon!  The salon I get my hair done at is short a nail tech right now and they asked if I would help them out.  So I'm now actually working as a part-time nail tech doing only gel extensions on evenings and weekends.  Never in a million years did I think I'd be working at a salon doing nails!  I really need the cash right now though so this worked out well for me.  My first appointment is tomorrow.
So here are my own Christmas nails done in Gelish over acrylics and just plain old striping brushes on top.  I really liked this from the normal 'blog shot' angle:
I didn't really keep it on long though.  And finally in other news I've got a new job starting mid-January.  Exact same type of company I was working at before but different city even though the commute is roughly the same.  I'm looking forward to it!
Merry Christmas!


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