Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A couple of before and afters

Here's a set of nails before I applied extensions.

And here's the after shot - gel extensions with a glitter french and some nail art.  Unfortunately my camera couldn't quite capture the awesome glitter.  I liked this design quite a bit though.

Here are my Mom's (the severe nail biter's) nails.  After a couple of treatments I managed to help her grow out a bit of free edge.

And after a couple of months of extensions and proper care I managed to help her grow them enough that I was able to give her a Shellac French on her very own natural long nails!  It's a pretty awesome thing for a lifetime nail biter.  Her nails are still quite weak and she's had some breaks but she's been able to maintain them for the most part and now we exclusively do the gel polish on her every two weeks.  She's enjoying the Hologlam collection over her Shellac right now :)


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