Friday, May 10, 2013

Random soak offs

Now when I said my new camera was shitty I wasn't joking:

This is just a plain old french with gel polish on natural nails. I used OPI Alpine Snow for the tips.  I got a kick out of this because it really looks like I'm wearing extensions.

And then this one shortly after.  I used OPI Gelcolor in Pink Flamenco and then Lincoln Park After Dark.  Finished it off with a konad stamp.

And finally this was the one I got loads of compliments on and nobody could believe these were my natural nails.  I used a little bit of Shellac Silver Chrome in a diagonal french and then dabbed on Akzentz Options Aurora Sparkle in Silver.  I stamped with konad and did a little dotting as well.  I actually wore this for 3 weeks since the growth was hardly visible.

I have some post ideas rolling around in my head but I'm not sure if there is any interest.  Some feedback would be great as I'm not entirely sure that my posts on soak off gels are helpful or interesting.  I have probably 100 gel polishes now that I could swatch, I could do a gel marble tutorial, removal tutorial, embedding/layering tutorial, gel polish tips/tricks.  I am going to state up front though that I won't be doing any tutorials on nail extensions since I don't believe that it's something you should attempt without the proper training, and the available products for a non-professional are complete garbage so it's not even worth your time.  Soak off gels however are becoming more widely available and there's really minimal risk of damage other than the usual picking and peeling that people tend to do.  Besides, soak off gels are really what sparked my interest in becoming a certified Nail Tech.  I have a ton of knowledge on these products so feel free to ask or suggest anything you like.



  1. i'm your newest follower, I love your sense of humor :)

  2. Would love to see your embedding tricks!