Monday, May 13, 2013

A set of gels and 2 fills

So just because I said I wasn't going to show you how to do extensions doesn't mean I'm not going to show them off ;)  And just one more thing about that topic, I'm absolutely willing to share my opinions and answer any questions you have about extensions in general, like the difference between acrylics/gels/soak offs, or product safety etc.

So here is the before pic of naked nails with a fresh manicure.

And here is the result.  We didn't realize until after I took the photo how the cuticle oil and lighting made it look like she was bleeding.  Anyways, I used clear tips and painted her tips in Gelish Amazon Flirt and then OPI Gelcolor Lincoln Park After Dark.

And here's 2 weeks later after her first fill.  I used OPI Gelcolor in Pink Flamenco and then added a little Konad flower and some dots.

And another 2 weeks and here's her second fill.  The colour is RCM After Party Playful stamped with an old fuschia L'Oreal polish and the pewter colour from the new China Glaze Hologlam collection.  I also rounded her nails quite a bit here. 

Unfortunately, she's a picker and she didn't make it to a third fill.  I'm finding a lot of people pick them off.  Please don't do that, it ruins your nails.  Most of the time when people say they don't get extensions because it ruins your nails they are wrong, they ruined their own friggen nails by picking and pulling them off.  And yes we Nail Techs can tell by the state of your nails that you've picked them off ;)



  1. Extension the same as Sculpted? I'm studying to be a nail tech! Just passed all my exams and only have clinic to do.. woohoo!

  2. An extension means just that - extension of your nails. It can be either tips or sculpted. This particular set is with tips. I find sculpting way too time consuming since I don't get enough practice at it. Congrats on your exams!