Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Busy busy

Do you know what the worst part of nail school is?  The fact that I can't paint my nails as often as I'd like and I can't use Shellac at all until I'm done!  We need to come to class with bare nails so we can practice on each other and let me tell you I'm not really happy about having some beginner try and put extensions on my nails that are near impossible to remove!

But enough bitching about that...I did manage to paint my nails once last week:

My camera could not handle the awesomeness that is Studio M's Slammin Red!  I also tried out 2 coats of the Elmer's glue underneath for easier removal.

Anybody who has access to a Meijer store needs to have this polish.  It's like holographic rockstar glitter on crack!  So sad that my camera can't quite capture it.  I will say there is one downside to it - it eats topcoat like a mofo.  I used one coat of Gelous plus 2 coats of Seche Vite and I could still feel the texture!  The Elmer's glue did make for easy removal but I also had a chip the very next morning.  I'd say it's worth it though since I never wear glitters due to the removal process.

Most of what I've been busy doing lately is manicures on other people.

This is 3 coats of Red Carpet Manicure in Love Those Baby Blues with a bit of silver glitter sprinkled on the tips.

And this is the Princess of Poo wearing 2 coats of Red Carpet Manicure in After Party Playful with Shellac Asphalt and Gelish Ali Baba's Sim Sala Bim marbled in and topped off with a few large iridescent hex glitters.

Here's a close up to show how awesome the glitter looks.  I really like the soak off marbling, it's much less messy than water marbling and you can kind of manipulate it into the exact design you want.  Plus less polish waste :)



  1. Thanks for sharing the nails that you have been doing...they look fantastic! Yours do too but they always do...!

  2. Thanks for the compliments! I'm finding that I really love doing other peoples nails and I never thought I would. Now the hard part is finding people who will let me :)

  3. LOVE the marbled nails did you do it as a dry marble where you dripped the polish on and then designed it with a brush? And you did amazing on your gel extensions yesterdays post!

  4. Yes I did the marble similar to what you described - I put a layer of pink, then drew two lines of colour from bottom to tip and then drew through them with a toothpick. It might be a good idea to do a tutorial on that I suppose. Thanks!

  5. I had a salon Gelish earlier this year. What puzzles me is how hard my nails were after the pro did it. I had a very demure mani of Gelish Pink Smoothie.Anyway, I'd decided it would be worth doing myself. I later added glue for easy glitter removal, and the whole mani lifted,when I went to just peel off the glitter.