Wednesday, October 10, 2012


In my nail school kit we were given a pot of 'Kapping Gel' with calcium.  Our teacher said this was a good product for nail biters.  Well I've got the perfect candidate to test it out Mother!

This is her before shot.  She's actually managed to grow out a bit of free edge recently since I've been trying different things on her.

I cleaned her up a bit and applied 2 coats of Kapping Gel.  It's basically hard gel without an extension.  The idea is to prevent her from biting her nails and making them stronger to enable her to grow them out.  I have to do 'fills' on her every 2-3 weeks and I'll take photos of her progress as we go along.  I really hope this works for her and I can help others to grow their own nails out.  This would also be great for someone who can grow their nails but find that they break constantly.  You can polish right over it all you want and remove with non-acetone remover.

The Princess of Poo has been in nail heaven lately and not so patiently counting the days until she gets her gel extensions (she is going to be my model on exam day).  I've been doing a lot of fun stuff on her lately.  This is China Glaze's Catwalk and I can't remember the pink one but it's from the core line.  She wasn't sure at first about the accent finger but I think after wearing it for a couple of days she likes it.


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